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Cameras are used in many industries - especially in robotics and inspection processes. Requirements vary but, in many cases, very high data rates are required to transmit high resolution and high frame rate images from camera to frame grabber or host adaptor.

EqcoLogic devices provide transmit and receive functions for the following protocols:

  • CoaXPress - the new standard for up to 6.25Gbit/s over a single coax cable, with power, using EQCO62T20 for transmission and the EQCO62R20 for receiving high speed data. Low speed control data ( up to 20 Mbit/s ) data is transmitted back to the camera over the same cable. Power is also transmitted to the camera. CoaXPress supports multiple coax cables to permit data rates of n x 6.25Gbit/s (where n = number of cables).
Image courtesy of the MOST Cooperationn.
  • Ethernet - Fast-Ethernet ( 100Mbit/s ) and Gigabit-Ethernet ( 1Gbit/s ), with power, over coax cable, using the EQCO875SC coax transceiver.
  • FireWire or IEEE 1394b - up to S800 ( 1Gbps ) over a single coax cable, with power, or up to S400 ( 500Mbit/s ) over UTP ( Cat 5/6 cables ). See product data on the EQCO875SC coax transceiver and the EQCO400T receiver/equalizer.

There are other applications in Factory Automation ( FA ) including system control, motion control and the integration of sensor signals for servo control. There is a clear benefit to using general commercial networking technology where possible; for example "industrial grade" Ethernet is widely used in factory-wide automation. Ethernet is not, however, the optimum solution for high-precision motion control. This is due to the potential for latency in the Ethernet protocol. For this reason, FireWire is often preferred for motion control applications. EqcoLogic has a number of products that support FA, with or without the inclusion of cameras.

Both FireWire and Ethernet are found in these applications and the EQCO400T, the EQCO850SCC and EEQCO875SCC are used to support networking over UTP or single coax cabling.